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We speak a lot of eco fashion, recycled materials, and environmental problems, and that is why today we show you what can be achieved by reusing what we do not need anymore. The problems related to the environment and saving energy now can no longer be ignored, and from this principle comes the need to get busy a little 'in all areas to help nature.

Obliously by the sectors in question could not be even excluding that of fashion and design, offering infinite possibilities for reuse and recovery of materials. We know it well, of what it does no longer we can arise something incredibly pretty. Then when ther’s the print of fashion and design, those that once seemed only the beginning of life and waste utility, can return to live and become a true eco chic pieces.

It may be an example of the investment company H & M for organic cotton. It’s long time and with great success That started s the idea of continuing with the development of new and recycled materials such as cotton, wool, cotton and polyester. The company is able to continue to offer clothes that are stylish and eco-compatible with the environment. Now for two years, the collections are made with recycled material. These materials include recycled polyester bottles, or remains, textiles, wool and wool clothing worn and remnants of cloth. Another feature of this spring is the reuse of remnants of cloth that are part of the same production.

Projects carried out for H & M:
New stores in:
Firenze, Roma, Milano, Milano Carugate, Napoli, Palermo, Trieste, Verona

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