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Architettura & Sistemi is a planning and advising company articulated in three operating divisions. Its mission is to use the marketing rules to facilitate the connection between commerce, advanced services and architecture and design.
Daniele Bonazzi, company C.E.O., and his team has adopted a philosophy:manage a plan for Architettura & Sistemi means to spread and promote the sense of the shapes, the attention to colours, rationality, design and product. Architettura & Sistemi can offer to customers its differentiated experiences in different areas thanks to the competence of its internal team and partners. The three company divisions are focused on:

Retail concept develops strategic marketing and market researches techniques applied to production industry, in particular for the large distribution. It offers a global consultancy for the creation of a corporate consistent image (logo-format-communications-brochures) according to a specific operating marketing plan. Although the division in mainly addressing large international corporations, its competence is focused on italian market. Think global and act local is the company's motto, that it applies in every activity, from conceptualization to deployment.

Trade area planning elaborates large commercial areas and buildings, it plans their general layout, it defines a consistent image and it studies their indoor spaces. This division starts with feasibility studies and then elaborates a first version of a comprehensive plan to present to public administration, in order to obtain related authorizations. Afterwards the plan goes through different intermediate steps: architectonic design implementation, executive plan definition, project reviw and control. This division also offers construction works leading, budget analysis and management and writing contracts support.

Commercial activity Management is an organization for the commercial areas management. This division manages a show room in which design, art and music are joined. This show room is like a laboratory in which exposition, events, active kitchen demonstrations and several workshops are arranged. The interior designers team also takes care of the company communications through different media: advertising, web site, press releases, and tradeshows stand.