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The architect Daniel Bonazzi has revolutionized the way to design public spaces, starting from the convenience to get to the design.The restaurant is not only “the pleasure of the palate”, but a place which must be simultaneously stimulated the 5 senses. It’s for this reason that the space is designed as a perfect tune sensory living. Becomes important the
descresing of noise inside the room and the creation of a “bubble space” that any person should have. We try to find the right size of the tables and the convenience of the sessions that are mandatory with armrests and backrest. The materials are tested to the touch and the visual field has never stopped ... The result is a restaurant / house where the customer can enjoy the space and the “feel” right. For this reason, have been studied hotplates and areas dedicated.
... The restaurant becomes your living room and your kitchen.

  Concept store "Restaurant Nomade"